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Turkish Bath Sections

Turkish Bath Sections

The entrance is known as the cold room. There are locked locker rooms, reception area, massage rooms and relaxation area in the cold room section. This is where you will wear pestamal before your hammam ritual. After the hammam experience, this is also a place to relax, have a refreshing sherbet (fruit drink) and watch the huge dome enjoying the history of the sultans.

It is located between the hot and cold sections. After sweating in the warming section, there is a private hamam in the area in this section. In the same section, there are toilets made with original Ottoman style marbles.

This area, which consists of belly stones and private rooms, is ideal for sweating. There is a special room at 60 degrees. The average temperature of the other parts is 40 degrees. For guests who want to feel like a sultan, scrub and foam massage services are offered in the Sultan's private rooms.

It is the part on the terrace of the historical bath. It overlooks the city center of Urgup. It is located inside the 7 domes of the bath. It has a mystical and authentic feel. The hammam terrace is only for hammam guests. One drink is offered free of charge to the guests who receive service. We have guests who prefer the bath only for the terrace.

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