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Data Collected During Your Interaction With Us

Various technologies may be used to improve our website and make it useful, effective and secure. These technologies may be various data collection tools that automatically collect information about your access and use of our website each time you visit our website, as well as related technologies may be used when data is exited by third party applications or individuals working on our behalf and account. As an example of this technology; cookies (cookies), flash cookies and web analytics can be viewed.

What is a cookie and how is it transmitted?

The username of almost every website on the internet. Like most websites, we have printers to give you a better, faster and safer experience. Cookies are small text files created by visited websites and placed in files that are not deleted by browsing deletion, such as your website preferences or profile. Cookies may be stored operationally through your browser during your first visit to a website. When the same site is visited again with the same device, it checks if there is a cookie stored in your browser on behalf of the site. If there is a record, it transmits the data from the record to the website you are visiting. In this way, the website understands that your site has been visited before and determines the size of the content, texts and images to be displayed accordingly.

Web access is analyzed through cookies and your web applications can be personalized according to your preferences and goal achievement. Some cookies contain personal content (for example, saving the username with a cookie when clicking “remember me” when filling out the logs). These cookies are saved only with your consent. – Removing cookies used by Lavanda SPA does not cause any harm and does not contain viruses.

Relevant data collection tools are generally used for the following purposes:

Complementing web pages, facilitating and/or accelerating the operation of the sites;

To offer new features through websites;

Contains information about you (on your device or browser cache) and your use of websites;

To track and analyze your product and usage habits and preferences;

To use and personalize your experience as a web browser user;

Publish ad-enabled content by analyzing and improving your response to the content;

To provide facilities for you and – Lavanda SPA websites.

Types of Cookies We Use on Our Website

Necessary Cookies

The most important cookies are essential cookies. They help with recognition, which allows you to navigate websites, create a usage account and log in.

Analysis Cookies

We use cookies to identify the visitor to our website. Analytical cookies are used to analyze how you use our website and what activities are stored and run, to optimize and improve our website, and to ensure that it continues to be interesting and relevant to you. Among the data obtained, there are details such as the pages you view, the referral/exit pages, the type of platform used, the date/time stamp information and the number of clicks (fees) on the given page, your fee movements. your image transfer activity, the search content you use and the texts you enter while using our site.

Can cookies be blocked?

To change your preferences regarding the use of cookies or to block or disable cookies, simply use your browser. Many browsers give you the option of accepting or rejecting size cookies, accepting only certain types of cookies, or asking the browser to request a website or file to store cookies so you can control cookies. It is also possible to delete the cookies previously set in your browser. However, we would like to point out that if you delete cookies and prevent future cookies from being removed, you may not be able to access some of our features.

If you disable or decline cookies, some features and consumers of our websites will not want to work properly, as we will not be able to recognize and access your commitments/accounts.

To turn off cookies;

In Chrome, you can use “Settings/Privacy/Content Configuration/Turn off cookie display” in your browser settings.

For Internet Explorer users, you can view “Options/Internet Configuration/Privacy/Settings”.

For Firefox users, you can view “Tools / Incognito Mode / Privacy / Cookie acceptance method / Until Firefox is closed”.

This website uses cookies to improve your web experience.
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